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Dell inspiron 1520 wont restart

I am trying to fix my cousins dell inspiron 1520 after it had been stolen. It would start but not even the cursor would move. I formatted the harddrive and reinstalled windows. It appeared to be working fine until I started doing updates. It will not do a restart. It will turn on from off fine but it will not restart. When restarting. it starts loading windows and then flashes a blue screen incredibly fast and then turns off. It will then take you to the windows failed to start screen and none of the options fix this problem and it just turns off and goes back to this windows failed screen over and over. You have to hold the power button to turn it off and wait a few minutes before turning it on and then it runs fine.
Any have any clue what might be wrong
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    positive you formatted hdd.?
    memory, hdd, cpu or power supply, it's time for some troubleshooting..
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