Benchmark question. Please help.

Hello you all CPU benchmarks experts.
I would like to know what upgrading will improve performance more. Upgrading memory or processor? (In the following particular case).
Starting with
Intel P4 2.66Ghz LGA775 1Mb cache 533FSB
with 512Mb DDR memory.
Upgrading memory to 1024Mb DDR, or upgrading processor to
Intel P4 HT 630 3.00Ghz LGA775 2Mb cache 800FSB
AMD 64 3000+ Venice Socket 939 512Kb cache 1000FSB
both with only 512Mb DDR memory?
Can you refer me to benchmark results comparing these options? The benchmark should aim at PC that is used for Web surfing, Office and video/voice chats, usually done simultaneously.
Thanks, Lior.
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  1. Your load profile is pretty light, you'll probably find
    you'll get a massive performance increase just by reinstalling windows and your applications. A P4 266 with 512MB should be totally up to the job. Neither webserfing or MSN chat are CPU or memory intensive.
    If you are experiencing performance problems it's could well be a network issue, i.e. your connection to your ISP.
    If you were decoding a video in the background it would be a different matter.
  2. Yes, if your chip is running too slowly for those apps, look at spyware, malware, or background apps.
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