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I plan to replace my glossy LCD screen to matte, my question is how can I find out where my video connector (40 pin socket) is? because I plan to order a new matte for my LCD screen, but there are two types (left and right video connectors) I can't purchase it unless I find out if it's on the left or right side. Is it possible to tell without taking the laptop apart? preferred.

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  1. Unless you can find a schematic of sorts, you'll probably have to take it apart. I'm unsure of where to find any such schematics though.
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    You need to open up the LCD's frame. The PCB on which you have the buttons to operate the LDC will have a ribbon wire running all the way up to the back of the LCD Panel covered with a Metallic Foil Tape.
    If you carefully remove the Tape you'll see the 40Pin Connector and the exact model name , manufacturer and serial of the present LCD Panel.
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