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Newbie w/?s

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January 11, 2003 2:28:25 AM

Thanks ahead of time for the help. I'm trying to build a system for my 1st time. I had a $ constraint & read a lot online to help decide. I bought Codegen Mid-tower w/350W PS,MSI kt4vl, AMD 2000XP, 64MB ECS video card, 512 Simpletech PC2700 RAM , 60GB Maxtor HDD, CD-RW, FDD, W2K Pro,Office2K, mostly photo editing, games for kids.
I think the box came w/ faulty PS. Everything is hooked up per manual. PS doesn't start. 118VAC at end of power cord, but no DC, no PS fan, no hum, nothing. Am I missing something stupid? (Obvious answer is "Not yet.")Checked 110/220 switch, OK. Help!!!!

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January 11, 2003 4:45:49 AM

Hmm... you bought good stuff, hopefully it did not arrive dead-on-arrival. Just curious, but what vendor did you buy from? NewEgg.Com is the most reliable from what I have seen. If you don't get any help in this forum, try something busier like the CPU forum or the Motherboard forum. They won't mind.

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January 11, 2003 4:57:20 PM

I bought the case & processor from CBWnet. Athlon 2000xp was 73.90 + ship. The rest of the online stuff I bought from Newegg. I got the burner w/rebate from Officemax after 3 no stocks. HAve since disconnected PSU from everything but case fan, still no juice. Another trip to the store.

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January 12, 2003 4:44:18 PM

Make sure you haven't accidentally nudged the little slider on the back. It should be at "115"........other than that, looks like a dead PSU.

As I've said, if you haven't already, try posting your question at the CPU or Motherboards&Chipsets forum. A lot more people will see your question there.

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January 13, 2003 1:34:29 AM

Thanks. PSU was DOA. Got new case w/400W PSU. $10 more than just PSU. Of course small plug for power switch is on 3 pin not 2pin like mobo. Back to store tomorrow.

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January 13, 2003 2:17:58 AM

Check mobo manual.
Mobo will have a secondary terminal to plug in 3 pin power switch.

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