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I installed an LG DVD GDR 8163B on my old desktop computer (PIII 667) and then installed a DVD Decoder pack for windows and tried to watch a movie. I got the sound but no picture! So I uninstalled it and tried a different decoder and after hours of trying I sort of gave up. Then I popped in a DVD movie and Real player came up, so I tried using that. A message came up saying that I needed a decoder, so I reinstalled the original DVD Decoder and then a second message came up saying something about the resolution. I then went to "Settings" and turned the 1024 X 768 to 800 X 600 and tried WMP and it worked! On this old computer I have been using the on board video and now I am wondering if I should change that to a real video card. Could that solve the problem of me having to change the resolution every time I want to watch a movie?

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  1. If I was you I wouldnt bother, I would buy a new computer, a P3 is always going to have issues playing dvds and that typa thing just cos of the hardware being so old.
  2. What the heck is this dvd decoder pack you speak of? I've never heard of that, lol. All you need is dvd playing software like powerdvd or windvd. That system should at least be able to play movies, lol.

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  3. Folken, he is probably talking about a codecs pack i would guess such as defiler pak which bundles a variety of codecs into one easy to install package....anyway a friend of mine had a similar type of computer and he couldnt play dvds/videos in full screen mode simply because his hardware wasnt up to the task. Like I said, its probably easier to buy a cheap new computer like a dell, either that or the other option I guess is maybe upgrading the videocard very slightly and see if that helps.....
  4. Then I must be very lucky bec I can run dvds fine on my old PIII 550 w/ 512mb of ram and a 4mb agp trident video card :)
    I turned it into a machine to watch divx, dvd, etc. on a tv. It's runnin win2k.

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  5. lol, maybe its just certain video cards which cant handle the pressure....who knows....his was a PIII 400 (i believe) or something like that lmao maybe the extra lil bit of speed your processor has makes a difference lol
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