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so i was watching a movie using windows media player then after like 20 min i the pic starts to freeze and green lines came up. so i turned of my monitor and tried turning it back on and nothing. So i waited for a few sec and then the blue screen of death came up. again i played the movie to check if itll happen and it did. So then i started vlc player and everything was good. Now why would i get the blue screen from using windows media player? any ideas ?
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  1. about once out of every 50 hours of viewing time, my system locks up if i'm watching TV w/ MP and using Photo Viewer. Just when i advance to the next pic, or change the view size of the image i'm viewing, or close Photo Viewer - POOF. But not often, and apparently only if MP is running.
  2. huh thats some weird shyt. hope it gets solved. another thing is when i add movies to windows media center my 360 does not see them. their all connected together how its suppose to be. i add a movie to windows media center go check my 360 and nothing. i restart my 360 still nothing its really getting annoying.
  3. so can u use a tv tuner card in windows 7 or is the media player still super buggy?
  4. dont know bout the tv tuner card
  5. I am in UK and have added a dual digital tuner TV card to my new dell i7 PC. It works fine except sometimnes I get the Blue Screen of Death. I am pretty sure it is something to do with the card but can't be 100% sure.
  6. when I put in a dvd every thing will work fine the midia player will load but as soon as the dvd gets ready to play I get the blue screen of death
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