HP LP2475 IPS vs ASUS VG236H 120hz


Ive owned this HP ips screen for half a year or so and love it.

After looking for a second monitor for a while I have seen the ASUS being sold locally by someone and im tempted as my friends tell me 120hz is much better for gaming.

Now, I work and game on the PC so I need the colours the HP offers but im wondering whether ill notice a big improvement from gaming on the ASUS display?

I mainly play BF3 at 80fps+ (i like it to run smooth) so after doing some research it seems the 120hz may be better for me??!

Any opinions appreciated!
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  1. yes if you can run at 80+ fps you are only losing candy-eye frames by not using 120hz display, it will really improve your game frames and will look much smoother, if you like to play games and you have a good hardware, there is no reason why not to buy 120hz display.
  2. I bought it. Veery impressed with the smoothness but I wish it was IPS and had those extra 120px!

    I guess that combo will be in the future or OLED!

    Thanks for your help
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