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I recently upgraded my Emachines e625 laptop with an extra 2gb of ram, and a OCZ Agility 2 60gb SSD. Before the upgrade, speedfan didn't work great, but had some functionality to monitor temperatures. It used to show ACHI, Temp 1 and Core. ACHI and Temp 1 showed realistic temperatures, while Core would show -49'C. After the upgrade, both ACHI and Temp 1 are gone, while Core remains (still showing -49'C). If anyone has any suggestions on how to get speedfan to show more readings, or how to get the Core temperature to read properly, please help.
Speedfan reads the chipset as a "SB 7xx/8xx PM2 at $CCB on ISA". The chipset is actually the "AMD M690V Chipset".
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  1. Try CPUID's Hardware Monitor. If it reads temps correctly . . . If not . . . either way you'll know where the problem is.
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