HP 5510 all-in-one keeps wanting to align cartridges

I just bought this printer and installed the cartridges it came with and aligned them and it kept telling me I had installed new and I should align... Finally, it was low on ink, so I changed them all and now it is doing the same thing. Can I get it to stop?
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  1. What make and model is your printer
  2. bigkel said:
    What make and model is your printer

    HP Photosmart 5510
  3. Yes I am having the same issue with the same model. It is driving me crazy!
  4. HP 5510 creating lots of annoying error and warning messages.....

    After searching forums including HP http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Ink-Toner-Cartridge-Printhead/Photosmart-5510-All-in-One-Series-printer/m-p/1063861#M4410 I went back to the HP utility interface to see if it was anything to do with pilot error.

    After some looking around I discovered that this issue was solved (for me at least) by selecting the device, going to the 'message center', selecting 'settings' and then changing the 'alert settings' to shut off those extremely annoying messages.

    So far so good... Sometimes it pays to go back to the problem and have another look around!
  5. Thanks Nick! I just disabled the alerts and will see what happens. :)
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