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Confused: P4 830 or P4 560

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October 13, 2005 12:44:05 AM

I'm a bit confused on picking a CPU for my next PC.

I think I would like to stay with Intel at this time.

That said, is it better to get a dual core CPU (830) or a faster single core CPU (560)?

I play games and I do some video encoding.

I would like to stay in the $320 - $380 price range.

Also, can anyone recommend a good motherboard for either of those processors that has AGP AND PCI Express?


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October 13, 2005 2:00:05 AM

get an x2 3800+

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October 13, 2005 2:44:13 AM

There seem to be a number of people having issues with games on dual core Intel systems. You would also be better off looking to the 600 series chips. The 560s tend to overheat far too often.
Advanced cooling technics are required for all single core Intel chips above 3 ghz, and all dual core chips.
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October 13, 2005 1:41:23 PM

stick with single core and stick with in your price range. 3-3.8ghz would be plenty for you. I do games and video encoding and my old 3.066ghz is fine.

you want 1GB of RAM ok?

ASUS makes good motherboards i'd recommend one of those.

if you want just post a couple of what you picked out and i'm sure one of us here will look at it for ya.

good luck! =)

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October 13, 2005 3:59:06 PM

You are confused... you want to stick with Intel.

You poor soul.


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October 13, 2005 11:33:53 PM

Why not an X2? Please explain. :) 
October 14, 2005 11:11:41 PM

The reason I wanted to stick with Intel is that a few friends of mine have had issues over the years with AMD CPUs and ATI vid cards..

Granted, I am sticking with NVidia (I have a 5700 256MB AGP now but would like to upgrade in the future, which is why I'm looking for an AGP/PCIE MB) so I won't have the ATI card issues.

I am very tempted by the dual core AMD and Intel CPUs, but I don't see much software that makes use of the dual cores. I have an MSDN Sub and could try out WinXP64 but don't see the need, yet.

I've got to admit that I'm a bit leary of making the AMD leap, but I'd like to keep the cost down as well.

It sounds like a fast single core is the way to go for now..

October 14, 2005 11:21:14 PM

what you said doesnt really make sense. your friends had an issue with amd and ati? what does a cpu have to do with a video card. it was either the card itself or the crappy via chipset your friends probably had back in the day. get a dual core, you said you wanted to encode and game. the amd is the better one because not only does it beat the 830, and single cores as well in encoding, it also games better than intel.
October 14, 2005 11:55:47 PM

So which AMD Dual Core beats the 830?
October 14, 2005 11:59:02 PM

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October 15, 2005 12:30:04 AM

The X2 3800 beats the 830D. So do the other ones.
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October 15, 2005 7:41:10 PM

Most people never had any problem whatsoever with their AMD CPU, but rather with VIA chipsets. VIA is probably the worst company in the industry, or at least has been.

A few years ago 70% of Intel systems had Intel chipsets, but 80% of AMD systems had VIA chipsets. VIA being a horrible company, created the problems you've blamed on AMD.

So now, by assuming AMD was the problem, you look foolish.

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October 15, 2005 11:59:53 PM

The reason I wanted to stick with Intel is that a few friends of mine have had issues over the years with AMD CPUs and ATI vid cards..

Thats cuz your friends are noobs!!! Seriously, AMD chipsets are way better now lol...Nforece was a godsend to AMD!

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October 17, 2005 6:16:35 PM

For gaming you want a single core CPU. AMD is the best for that.
October 17, 2005 6:38:30 PM

I've been running AMD system with ATI video card for years, without any problem. I've been runnin ATI video card with motherboard based on nvidia chipset without any problem.. fact is.. I still have to have a computer that will give me trouble...

Based on that, no matter which CPU you'll choose, if you get loosy component, you'll have problem. By getting good branded PSU, RAM,.. , you'll likely to have a problem free computer.

Oh.. I forgot the loosy MSI motherboard with Intel chipset that give me headaches and 3 RMA to get one that would last more than 4 days...

Blame Intel? .. no! MSI!

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October 17, 2005 6:44:11 PM

I've got to admit that I'm a bit leary of making the AMD leap, but I'd like to keep the cost down as well.

Yeah.. go cheap with the component and you wont have a stable problem free computer.. And because of the power requirement of Prescott and heat, you'll likely to have more problem with Intel than AMD..

First thing to get is a good 450W or more branded from a known name then, build a computer aroung it! You sure don't want to cheap out on the PSU.

Since AMD CPU are less expensive than Intel one, peoples often get cheap components to keep the cost down.. with the result you know.

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October 17, 2005 8:49:18 PM

Seems like a lot of people recommend the AMD..

I am interested in the Nforce chipset as the reviews sound good.

So can someone recommend a good model MB for a fast single core AMD cpu?

I prefer Abit and Asus MBs.

I'm looking for a MB with AGP AND PCIE.. I'm not really interested in tons of bells an whistles..

Thanks for all the input so far.
October 17, 2005 11:01:12 PM

There is only one chipset that allows bothe agp and PCI-express. There are currently no boards made by Asus or Abit that use it. If you have a really good agp card, like an x800xl, or better, you should look at some reviews of the Epox 9NDA3+. It is the best socket939board currently available that uses the nforce3 chipset. If you dont, get a new gfx card, and the Abit AN8 ultra, or 3rd eye, or KN8 ultra.
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October 18, 2005 6:27:28 PM

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October 20, 2005 7:29:46 AM

Glad to see you stuck around. I thought that since you had asked about Intel but mostly had only "Buy AMD" replies, you may still be undecided as to which CPU you should buy. Im one of the very few people here that still runs Intel as their primary system and I can say with no reservations that Intel "at this point" isnt the way to go for most people. They require extra cooling that can run into significant money that could be spent on other components. If you are still set on Intel I wil be glad to make some suggestions but you will be much happier with an AMD and so will your bank account.

Hey guys, he did ask a question about AMD. Help the guy out with some good advice. He may not be familiar with AMDs platform.

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