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iv got packard bell notebook which picked up virus tried to rienstall windows using back up discs 2nd disc damaged .friend looked at it and tried to rienstall his windows for different laptop on it didnt work so i tried mine again but it says not enough space on disc any ideas out there cheers
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  1. You are essentially confusing the installation program by throwing so many different instals at it.

    If the 2nd back up disc is damaged there may not be anything that can be done in regards to using the disc set, unless you can get Packard Bell to send you new ones.

    As an alternative, you may want to look into getting a copy of Windows (either 7 or 8, you didn't say which so I'm assuming 7) and doing a clean fresh reinstall using the CD/DVD and being sure you remove the main system partition from the computer.
  2. hi thanks for response a how do i remove main partition when laptop starts it only gives you option f2 f12 nothing else .doesnt let you type anything in . if i buy new windows 7 will it still say not enough space when i boot from new discs
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