64 bit vs Dual core

Which is better in terms of performance ?? Intel Pentium D (800) or an AMD Athelon 64 ?? ....... or in general, is 64 dit better thatn 2 32 bit processors ??

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  1. At what? The Intel chip will keep you warmer on cold winter nights.
    For those situations where dual core is better, an A64 X2 is best. For those situations where single threaded IPC counts (gaming esp) the A64s are king.
  2. Ouch, thats harsh...

    I think i would say it has a place though.

    If it weren't for fat and/or ugly people then the rest of us wouldn't look so good.

    Without the Pentium D the X2 and A64 wouldn't look so good.

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  3. LOL Thanks Intel for keeping us warm during the cold winter nights.
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