Vaio vgn-fs640/w hard drive replacement problems

Hard drive crashed (40gb 4200 rpm PATA/EIDE). I have tried a 160gb 7200 rpm drive & a 40gb 5400 rpm drive and Sony says I MUST use an exact match ie. 80gb 4200 rpm. Anyone know if that is true and how do I accomplish this. The 160gb gave no response with my 1st recovery disk. The 40gb gave a msg "No operation found". HELP!
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  1. At least they aren't claiming that you have to use the exact same drive (only obtainable at Sony's price) and the 80gig is probably a limit of the technology used, not a deliberate ploy.
  2. Thanks! I have been doing some research and talking with Sony online today. It appears that the Recovery Disks are geared to the 80gb 4200rpm drive because that is what I had as orig hdw and I created the recovery disks when I got the machine. Guess I don't need further info. I have ordered a drive. We shall see.
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