the laptop dose not autodetect the external screen after recovery

Hi, I have a HP pavilon (vista) with smashed LCD. Its unlikely it can be replaced since the base and hinges are damged too. I connected another moniter and worked fine but unfortunately, when I did system recovery it didnt detect the second screen, ( it had lost recognition of a second display) now the pc starts up for few seconds then it shuts down without showing any thing on the second screen although it wakes it up from stand by but then shuts down. Any advice to resolve this problem is appreciated.
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  1. So, is the laptop not staying on at all or is the screen not staying on at all?
  2. Hi buwish, thats a very good question, here is an update, the laptop has started on the external monitor after many f11 and fn f4 and hard reset, it showed the hp recovery screen where it gives the option for a factory image recovery. It shows that windows loading files bar, then the recovery prompt but The problem now is the laptop switches off before completing the recovery process. when i switch it back on it goes through the same process again but later switches off, so now the laptop is not staying long enough to finish recovery.
  3. Not good at all. It sounds like it could be overheating. Has it ever done it before, i.e. you've had it on for awhile and it just suddenly shuts off? Does it sound like the fans are working overtime?
  4. Any thing possible since this laptop had fallen down from high place and the lcd completly smached and body had few mild cracks, However, Iworked on it on a second moniter for quite few hours an managed to burn some fies on a dvd. The problem started when I tried to do system recovery since then it shutts off during the process. The fan dosent sound loud, Any suggestions or do you think I cand put the hard disk in a different laptop and do the recovery? Thanks
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