HP Pavillion DV2000 - Won't Fire Up HDD

Greetings, I'm working on a friend's HP Pavillion DV 2000, and the problem is that upon powering on - the HDD doesn't spin up, so obviously nothing happens.

The HDD light gives one quick flash when power is turned on (either AC, or battery). All other lights on the keyboard seem to function as they should.

Nothing comes on the screen at all.

So far, the following has been attempted:

Installed a spare HDD that is known good (from my machine).

Removed battery.

Removed RAM one stick at a time.

Attempted booting from the DvD w/ Winternals.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. If a working hard drive will not work, it seems like it is a problem with the motherboard. Perhaps the area of the motherboard with the SATA controllers on it or one of the pathways was damaged due to heat.
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    These laptops have a known issue with the video chips..they overheat. There is a class action lawsuit against nvidia for it. The mobo is no good..even if you replace the mobo, the issue will come back.
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