Dell U2410 Resolution Issue with DisplayPort: Max resolution NOT avail

Hi All:

I have been using the Dell U2410 monitor via its DVI-D port for around 6 months. It has worked without issues.

I just built a new PC and started using the U2410 in a dual monitors configuration (along with a U3011) with TWO DisplayPort cables from my new video card. The U3011 has worked without issues thus far. The U2410, however, would not display its highest resolution. Only resolutions below 1920 x 1200 are available!! Furthermore, it was only able to be at 24Hz!

I did a great deal of troubleshooting before writing this. I swapped DisplayPort cables: both cables proved to be fine. I tried BOTH ports from the video card: both ports work fine with the 30" U3011. The ONLY item (the only possibility) is that the DisplayPort of the U2410 is defective!

Reconnecting the U2410 via the DVI-D cable works again. Hence, it is only the DisplayPort input that is seemingly the broken part.

May I ask if this is a common issue with the U2410? What might be the best resolution of this problem?

Thank you all in advance.
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  1. After checking on the web, I see a few other threads about people having trouble using the u2410 with display port. Sounds like it is a monitor design issue.

    If you can, you'd be best off using DVI-D. If I had to guess, I'd say the issue relates to the u2410 trying to use 10bit color over display port. That's probably not very well tested.

    You could also try a display-port to DVI cable:

    (be sure to read the description, there is an important not on eyefinity)
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