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Do all Gateway NV53's come w/ an ATI card? The Gateway spec page lists the Radeon 4570 and 4200 as compatible options but doesn't mention anything about non-ATI graphics. Anyone able to confirm/deny this?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. From what I know, I believe that Gateway uses just ATI graphics in their current laptops. There are older ones out there from 2 years ago that used NVIDIA based cards though. Where are you looking at the specs at, on Gateway's website?
  2. Here

    Yeah, I noticed a ton of the Gateway models have ATI gpu's. But on some, like the NV56xxxx and NV59xxxx, they have just regular integrated graphics.
  3. I assume that the integrated graphics are Intel based. What are you looking for exactly? Post us your budget, what you want in it, i.e. ATI or NVIDIA graphics, and what you plan to use the laptop for, i.e. office, etc... and we can find you something.
  4. Heh, I actually won an nv53 on ebay but the description didn't mention either ati/integrated. Frankly I didn't care, I fried mine on Saturday. Plus its a huge upgrade from my inspiron e1505 minus the radeon x1400. But it got me thinking nonetheless. The one I got is an AMD athlon ii m300 2.0ghz. What I was trying to understand in my original question was if there's a possibility ill not get an ati or if for sure all 53s have one...
  5. The seller finally replied after 3 days. It comes w/ the HD 4200 and will arrive on Friday. Thanks for the replies buwish, much appreciated.
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