Please advice which laptop to buy (In Canada)

I need advice in purchasing a laptop and hope that I can get some advice here.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Must have:
* Linux (Debian compatible)
* 17" display
* Intel based CPU (i3 or better)
* With hdmi video output that can produce 1900 x 1080
* linux compatible intel based wifi/network adapter
* linux compatible graphics card that will have no problems running 1080p highly compressed video (avchd)

Nice To Have:
* esata port
* backlit keyboard

I live in Toronto, ON. I'd really appreciate suggestions.
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  1. Any idea where you want to buy from, i.e. NewEgg Canada? What's your budget?
  2. It does not matter where I buy it from, but my preference is a retail store over online store.

    Budget is around 1000 bucks.
  3. I was also searching for a good laptop finally bought it online. Check this shop, you may find a good one here.. :) :)
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