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hey guys,
while checking if my system throttles (throttle watch and prime 95 + SuperPI) i found several things
1: It throttled alot of the time even though my fan wasn't totally revved up
2: When it did throttle (according to Throttlewatch) it went to a higher speed, i thought throttleing is reducing speed in order to reduce heat.
3: My fan started making a squigly noise, sort of writing on a whiteboard with a board marker. does this suggest upcoming fan failure? i'm sure it's the CPU fan, i stopped the nearest fan and the noise sounded like it was coming from there. even though it seems to have stopped now.
4: i'm running 64 bit windows, could there be an incompatibility problem with throttlewatch?
5: throttlewatch says my cpu voltage is 1.963v, and CPU-z says 1.35 (roughly)
6: how is the percentage of throttling measured? is 10% reducing 10% clock speed?
Thanks alot,

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  1. maybe go out ang get some artic sliver 5 and some sort of TIM remover (pure/close to pure acertone is nice, just the plai nones though, not the ones that girls go "oooo i want it" kind) and then shut ur pc off, unplug the power supply, then remove the cpu HSF and then use the TIM remover and get rid of the orginial stuff on both the CPU heatspreader and HSF(if its a pad then i dunno if acertone is the right tool) then put the artic sliver 5 on both the HSF and the heatspreader(i will NOT provide detailed instruction about how to put on a TIM as it is too long and long debated about how much you need....) then remount the HSF and connect the fan and ur done! maybe this will help...

    then again there is a cheap way of checking w/o buying anythin this, open op ur case, take a huge housefan and blow it right at the inside of ur case, then when anything happends see what is wrong or if nothing is wrong then u got a heat issue

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  2. The 600 series are Intel's newer, and slightly cooler chips. None of the 3ghz chips should ever throttle.
    I suspect that your hsf is not installed properly. Try doing as lancer suggested. Also make sure that the cpu fan is plugged into the correct header. I would also disable cpu fan control in bios. That chip is still a hot item, so having the fan run full tilt boogie is a good plan.
    That noise you heard was probably the fan changing speeds, but keep an ear to it for a while.
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