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Hey everyone, I recently bought an HP DV6T Quad Edition. I've been looking to buy both a wireless mouse and a business style computer bag. I've been looking at these 3 Logitech mice: M305, M510, and M705. I can't decide between which one to get, or if I should go a different route completely. I am looking for suggestions and experiences on these, and of course I am open to suggestions about other makes/models. Secondly, I'd like to buy a bag but I cant find anything good. It's very hard to judge bags through pictures. So I was wondering if anyone had experience with decent ones. I'd like something that will protect my laptop, and still be able to fit other stuff such as an HP Touchpad, chargers, extra battery, mouse, etc. But also look professional and stylish at the same time. I hope this is the right place to be asking these questions!

Thanks in advance.
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  1. hello Friend

    Congratulation for your new system friends as you there are so many companies who make optical wireless mouse but are going for Logitech mice: M305, M510, and M705 friend your decision is very good because i am also using logitech M705 mice an i am feel charm with is so go for it its really good for use.....

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  2. i use a logitech m505 with my laptop.

    the m305 is a bit smaller. the m705 has extra button i believe.

    they will all work well with a laptop and/or bag.

    yes there are other models available but the only ones i would recommend are full sized models not suitable for travel. if size isnt an issue then the full sized logitechs are worth checking out as well.

    as far as computer bags go... just go down to your local staples (or officemax, other office supply s tore, best buy, electronics store, etcetera). you should be able to find some very nice ones for $50-60
  3. Thanks guy.

    @ssddx, I will check out my local office supply store for bags. As for the size of the mouse, I am not particularly concerned about it being too big. My current desktop mouse is a Razor Lachesis, its size and functionality is perfect, although its wired. I'm sort of moving away from the m305 because it is a small mouse, and leaning more towards the m510 and m705. However, I read a bunch of reviews on Amazon that those 2 mice have a problem tracking on certain surfaces. Can either of you confirm this? or have are yours working well? How long have you had them for?

    Also, I'm open to recommendation of full size models.
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    keep in mind that many people reviewing products on amazon are worth ignoring. you have to weed through the usefull reviews.

    optical mice will not track well on glass or other clear surfaces. they will also not track well on mirrors or highly reflective surfaces such as highly polished wood. at times very rough surfaces can give them some difficulty. some of the "specialized gaming mats" at times can cause issues as well because of the patterns they use.

    i've used the m505 on a semi-gloss wood table, jeans, white office paper, a bedspread, various mousepads, various office desks, a cars passenger seat, as well as many other places. besides the occasional jumble due to lifting the mouse up (such as on a bedspread or rough surface) i've never had issues with tracking.

    the same is true with pretty much every single optical mouse i've used. even my laser mouse which is more sensitive to such things tracks fine on multiple surfaces.

    in general logitech is what you want for wireless. if you want to play high speed games you can but i would suggest the type with a base unit (rf not bluetooth i think too).

    for full sized mice... depends on what style you want. you might be limited to a few styles if you want the mini-bluetooth hub on your laptop. if you dont mind a seperate base station (with ac wall adapter requried) then there are even more choices available.

    my old logitech mx1000 laser mouse is still working and its 9 years old. i just got the m505 but it has survived being in my rather cramped bag for a few months without any damage.

    if you are worried about tracking even after what i said... just go to staples and pick up one of the $5 black foam mousepads with the cloth top. you know the really old style ones that you see everywhere. nothing and i mean nothing is superior to that. not even a $50 mousepad for gaming.
  5. my laptop has built in bluetooth.

    i think im going to look into the m505, and decide on either that or the m510/m705.

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