Anything better that the Dell Ultrasharp U2410?

I was going to buy a Dell Ultrasharp U2410 a while back as it seemed the best specified monitor for the money (IPS 1920 x 1200) however the price went up and the reports about pink/green tint issues put me off.

The price seems to have come down again now and there seem to be fewer recent reports of problems, so I’m tempted to buy again. Just wondering whether any of the other current options are better?

For slightly more money there is the ASUS ProArt PA246Q (which was previously cheaper than the U2410) and for a bit less there is the HP ZR24w. And for less again is the Dell U2412.

So, any reason not to go with a new Dell U2410 at a price less than I can get an ASUS PA246Q?

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  1. Hi.

    I've read a lot of reviews but they don't seem to be conclusive. If the U2410 is actually better than the U2412 then I'm willing to pay the current extra cost. The other concerns seem to be around the tint issue on the U2410 and uneven illumination on the 2412.

    Some reviews prefer the Asus ProArt but some suggest it's effectively a copy of the U2410 and possibly not as good. At least Dell seem to have the better reputation for exchanging their Ultrasharp monitors, however I really don't want to start buying and returning monitors if I can help it.

  2. Well, I really like my 25.5" Planar PX2611w monitor, but at $707 it's actually more expensive than the Dell. Planar has stopped manufacturing it back in 2009 or 2010. I use it as a secondary monitor.

    Here's a massive discussion about it

    An alternative could be the HP LP2475w for about the same price as the Dell. Here's an even more massive discussion about the HP.
  3. Hi jaguarskx.

    I'm in the UK and am not familiar with Planar, plus the price is probably over my budget which goes up to the Dell U2410 and ASUS ProArt PA246Q at the top end.

    I eliminated the HP a while back as I think that was reported to have the same panel as the Dell U2410 (and the same reports about pink/green tint problems) but also less "bells and whistles" than the Dell. It's also unclear just how much of a lottery the issues with tinting, backlighting etc. really are. Is it just a few unlucky people complaining on forums or do companies still dare to bring out substandard products?

    It's a pain that these monitors don't seem to be on display anywhere so I can actually compare them for myself. I live in a fairly big city and yet all I've ever seen working in a shop have been TVs and the very cheapest monitors.

  4. Planar has a rather small consumer presence. It's primary market is in the medical display segment such as X-Ray and MRI displays. Their consumer level monitors are not sold in most of European countries and the UK.

    I would recommend looking into Hazro monitors, but they currently only sell 27" and 30" monitors. They used to manufacture the 24" HZ24w.
  5. As suggested I took a look through some pages of "An alternative could be the HP LP2475w for about the same price as the Dell. Here's an even more massive discussion about the HP."

    There seem to be a fair number of complaints and issues reported which don't exactly fill me with confidence about it :o Overall I don't get the impression that it's necessarily a better option than the Dell U2410 which is at least supposed to have a functioning sRGB emulation mode. Maybe I should just save some money and go with a U2412 and hope for a good one!
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