The Hp solution cenrte display Ink levels..But when I print the Print is very li

The Hp solution centre display Ink levels..But when I print the Print is very light or is not there at all..What should I do
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  1. Run a cleaning cycle on the printer. Also, are you using HP or aftermarket ink?
  2. I ran the cleaning cycle. And upon running it the second time the sheet that was printed had all the colors, but when I print a does not print will
    I am using original HP cartridges..These are the one's that came with my printer
  3. If the ink is not low, make sure you are not printing in draft mode. Does a test page come out OK?
  4. Yes the test page comes out ok..But only colors, No black and white boxes. i am not printing in draft mode. Would printing be a problem if the Black ink levels are alos low..It denotes a low level..but not low enogh to not Print. Also I had the printer installed a long time ago..Could it be that the cartridge has gone bad or something?
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    Are you talking about black being light or everything?

    Yes, ink cartridges do have a live span, they dry out, can clog. If the black is not printing, replace that cartridge.
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