How IR-Cut is Affecting Your Network Camera ???

This HT-IP210 (Branded HooToo) caught my eye as it had the most useful features and most advanced technology for such a low price!!

Of all features that serve my needs, one is the IR CUT, and here's why i see it as the most basic requirement of a IPCAM..

I had a quick setup after some simple network config, no trouble accessing the camera directly from my IE browser, and when the video started to flow up.,'s so COOOOOL, compared w/ the ones w/o IR Filter. I mean you will see right away that this camera is so different and so clear at almost all distance. The image quality is much better than any other one i had before-- higher resolution, because the IR usually tends to blur the detail through the lens, but definately not with this little beauty..

So far, i havent see any malfuction/defect, the image is super great and I feel much more secure having this in place// :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

In all, The IR-cut in this camera gives superb images in daylight, and excellent IR images at night. I would give it a five star review!!!
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  1. fishface said:
    I agree. Buying an IP camera with IR built-in but no cut filter is a bad buy in my opinion.

    I had a couple of indoor Y-cams before I got my eyespy247hdsd and so glad I swapped them out. The Y-cams were ok in night mode but without a cut filter gave a nasty purple tinge to everything since they don't have a cut filter. The eyespy247hdsd on the other had has HD video and a cut filter, so I get the best of both worlds.

    The other thing to bear in mind, which I found out the hard way, is that don't try and use an indoor camera with IR LEDs pointing out the window as the LEDs reflect back into the lens. Get a proper outdoor camera instead.


    it's even better when you use H.264 instead of MJPEG in terms of video compression format. I have two IPCAM, one H.264 (HT-IP306, also bought from the same vendor HooToo), the other MJPEG w/ cut filter; Believe or not, to take the image quliaty for comparison, i find out even the one w/ built-in cut filter isnt quite able to catch up w/ the H.264 one.

    What do you think?
  2. fishface said:
    H.264 certainly saves you a lot of bandwidth over MJPEG. As for quality a lot of that depends on how good the lens and other hardware is in the camera as well as how well H.264 has been implemented in the camera's firmware.


    HT-IP306 is too enough for me, since its providing excellent image quality, even though i don't know how seller makes the firmware and implements H.264, i'd say this little beauty is ususal and exceeding my expectation in any regard.
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