CC on eBay, let's see how long this lasts

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Not mine, figured someone here is interested though.
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    In article <>, Superpin Al
    >Not mine, figured someone here is interested though.

    Open your eyes. Obvious hijacked eBay account, trying to sell directly without


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    Let's see how long before it is shipping, it is in
    "Anywhere USA"....

    Charlie L.
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    Superpin Al wrote:

    > Not mine, figured someone here is interested though.

    In a phantom game on a hijacked account? I don't think so. "Free
    shipping," "Do not bid," Ridiculously low BIN, no location, "Email me
    directly at ____, not through 'Ask the seller,'" also selling a
    Wurlitzer bubbler juke.

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    Just for fun here's the standard reply:

    A form letter for scamming:

    Hy there,

    If you want to buy my Canyon will be great to move forward this deal
    fast because my curent location is London, UK but afther 2 weeks I will
    go in Japan in a buissines trip. The Canyon is in the Square Trade
    custody in US and will be shipped from there on my expence. The Canyon
    is like new, in perfect condition and the price I think is very good:
    If you still interested, you have to make a $3,100 safe deposit, but
    stay cool because using Square Trade as a third party the payment
    informations will send to me only when you will confirm to them that
    you have receive and inspect the Canyon. Until that, Square trade will
    secure your money. I will start the sipping only when Square Trade will
    confirm to me that you have made the deposit payment.The shipping
    address must be provided before sending the deposit payment.
    You have a 7 days period for inspection; if the Canyon is different the
    money will be fully refounded to you and the Canyon will be shipped
    back to the warehouse. If the Canyon correspond you have to confirm
    them so I can puck up the money.
    I will provide more informations about payment and shipping when you
    will be ready to buy it.

    Thank you,

    SCAMMER ( i added the name :) )
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    Oops, thats what I get for being lazy. Not a pin I'm interested in so I
    didn't check out the ad details. Obviously a scam.
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    Charlie L.
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    Charlie L. wrote:
    > Pulled.
    > Charlie L.

    Yup, its gone. yay! score one for the good guys!
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