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I am operating Windows 7 with IE9 as default browser. I use outlook for my e-mail. Recently while downloading a program I inadvertantly allowed Google Chrome to be installed.. I have uninstalled google, rebooted but when attempting to follow hyperlinks in my email I get the message that that operation has been cancelled due to computer restrictions and to contact systems administrater. That's me. My settings show IE 9 as my default browser. Any suggestions?
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  1. i hate that they include that with java updates.

    it is a two step fix.
    close all browsers and outlook, double check that ioutlook is not minimized in the task bar .

    step 1 = http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310049
    run the fixit halfway down the page. Download here

    step 2 = click start type inetcpl.cpl
    hit enter
    click programs tab (top right) >check the box for tell me if internet explorer is not the default web browser. if the make default button it not greyed out click it to make it default.

    open youre email to verify the links are working agian.
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