Anyone use the Razer Orochi for wireless gaming?

There is some talk that when the Razer Orochi mouse is not in use for a few seconds, it goes into "sleep" mode. When moving the mouse again there is a delay or jumping of the mouse control causing gaming issues. Anyone here game with this mouse wirelessly? Have you noticed this problem??
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  1. i believe quite a few wireless mice do this to conserve on battery.

    my old logitech mx1000 used to do the same thing.

    you get into a habit of "micro-moving" the mouse every few seconds if you are stationary in a fps game. a very very slight movment (like a hand tremble) will keep the mouse awake. no it will not affect sniping or other gameplay factors.

    ultimately i couldnt say it adversely affected gameplay. while undesireable the freedom of no mouse cord was worth it. the r/f wireless mouse didnt lag because of it being wireless either. i'm not sure about bluetooth mice.
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