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All of a sudden mylaptop will not print to my HP 7200 series printer. It says offline. My desk top works fine. I have reooted everything.........What else is there to get it back..........It has been working great for nearly 2 yrs
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  1. it shows as off line becuase , you're pc can't see it on the network or via a usb connection. is the printer wired (using a ethernet cable, usb) or wireless.
  2. The desk top is connected to it, my laptop is wireless.... I have checked all cables and have rebooted everything. I have unclicked the "choose to use offline" but it still shows offline and just ques up all my print jobs
  3. so it is connected usb to the desktop and you are sharing it out? if you know the name of the desktop, you could click start type \\computername (replace computername if the real computer name) and right click on the computer and select connect.
    if you are not sure of the computer name press the windows key + pause break at the same time and the computer name will be displayed halfway down the page.
  4. When I send a document it does not locate a port
  5. click start click on devices and printers
    right click on the printer and select printer properties, what port is it using?
  6. Standard TCP/IP Port
  7. can you ping the tcp/ip address?
    click start type cmd
    hit enter
    ping (then the ip address this should be listed to the right of the checkbox for the port)
  8. Did you replace your router, change ports, or anything else that would have caused the host PC's IP address to change?
    Are you using the HP Universal Failure drivers? You may need to uninstall the printer, delete the drivers using Control Panel / Configuration Manager and/or CCleaner, then re-install it.
  9. I changed nothing and it worked fine yesturday. I did the cmd ping and it sent 4 packages and received 4.
  10. so my guess is you sent a print job that got hung in the printer memory, unplug the power from the printer for a ten count and plug it back in turn on and you should be good.
  11. dont forget to clear out the stuck print jobs if they are stil in the que on the pc
  12. I've done all that and continually clear the printque on both the desk top and laptop. My desk top works fine but I cannot print from the lap top. It shows "offline" even after unclicking the button. I cannot get it to switch to online.
  13. I have rebooted, and unpluged everything and relugged it back.........still no luck
  14. Uninstall the printer on your laptop. Then go into Configuration Manager in Control Panel and delete the Universal [Failure] drivers. Then re-install the printer.
  15. grogers103 said:
    I have rebooted, and unpluged everything and relugged it back.........still no luck

    Have you done any recent antivirus or firewall updates today on the laptop that is having problems?

    You may also need to remove the Print Spooler Service and let it reconfigure itself.

    Try the fix found HERE and see if that helps you out.
  16. there is no switch or spot to change a printer from offline to online. first you said it was connected to the desktop, which indicates it is connected usb. then you said it had a tpc\ip port on the laptop which says its networked. go to the desktop and print out a test page and verify how it is set up.
  17. You may also be able to print a configuration page from the printer telling you how it's connected. This may help eliminate several variables.
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