Deleted Svchost.exe

So I've got the virus Trojan Ransom and somewhy i accidentally deleted svchost.exe from system32.(since i was fixing the virus using linux /deleting the affected files manually/ nothing stopped me)
Now windows won't start , It 'll stuck where the login screen should be witha black screen.

I've tried various methods inc.

1,running the last good configuration

2,running the repair from win7 install disk

3,tried running sfc /scannow but I'm having problems with this.When i enter it the cmd prompt says "another service or repair operation is currently running"

3.1, tried fixing this with BOOTREC /REBUILDBCD

I'm a photographer and i would need my PC tomorrow, please help me :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  1. Assuming that that works, if i simply copy the file using linux it should work too, not sure if my roomates laptop is running 32 or 64, so 'im not sure if i can copy the correct version, is there any chance that someone could upload his svchost for me?
    Win7 Ultimate 64bit

    *edit It's win 7 64chekcing if it works
  2. Tried 2 things, copied the file using linux and tried it with the methood described expect that i copied the .exe to c:\ then used the command copy c:\svchost c:\windows\system32
    after i entered this it asked if i want to replace the existing file(caused by linux copy) said yes.
    Still not working, I don't have a pendrive near atm
    How to download svchost.exe file for free?

    DLL Suite allows its users to download svchost.exe for free by taking the following steps:

    1. Download, install and run DLL Suite
    2. Click Start Scan to check svchost.exe file
    3. Free download svchost.exe from the open web page
  4. Or reinstall Windows.
  5. Reinstalling is not really an option fully customized windows , can't install app on linux
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