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I need a way to observe the interior of my home remotely and can use my Netboiok (w/ built-in webcam). How do I view this webcam from any other place, like from work ? I was thinking of Skype but can't initialise the connection remotely. Any ideas....... ?
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  1. Fishface recaps the three basic options nicely.

    (1) is probably overkill for what you want to do... those service are designed for complete remote access.

    (2) gotocamera would do the trick... another service is they have a free plan and support webcams with motion detection, live streaming, etc. I happen to use them but there are others.

    (3) IP camera is awesome, but higher upfront cost of course. Lots of options here as well, and fishface has recommended a good one.

    good luck,
  2. Before I go and try these services, does anyone have experience from or Just trying to get a sense of some of the differences. From what I understand both are free, which is the first main criteria :D
  3. From what I can tell the big difference is gotocamera is a software install and camcloud operates through your browser.

    The core feature/functions appear to be largely the same, so best to try out their free plans and see.
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