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I bought a Windows 7 Upgrade Family Pack which is good for use on 3 PCs. The first PC I used it on had it's motherboard (Intel P67) bricked by a bad flash from Intel. I replaced the motherboard and re-used the same CPU and got Microsoft to activate it online. I then built another computer and used the same Product Key from the Windows 7 Upgrade Family Pack and again got Microsoft to activate it online. Now I've built a 3rd computer and when I tried to get Microsoft to activate it online it didn't work. Instead it's asking me to buy another Product Key.

I'm thinking that Microsoft thinks that the 1st computer that I used the Product Key on is still around. How do I get them to remove that 1st computer from the license so I can activate the new one? I'm not spending money to but another license when the license I have is good on 3 computers and I only want to use it on 3 computers. Thanks.
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  1. Contact them an explain your problem and what you think it is. Best of luck.
  2. Yes your right the windows 7 key for the first machine has been used and it has been logged as activated, and it will be tied to the motherboard of the first machine you installed it on the bricked one. It may be the case Ms will not help you as changing a motherboard is classed as a major change to the system. They may state you will have to buy a new licence key due to it to install windows 7 with the new motherboard to activate it.
  3. They might shaft you, but I have actually heard that MS is pretty forgiving on licensing issues, especially if there is a hardware failure. Give them a call.
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    I had the same issue - on the automated phone system, when activating your key, tell the system it is a single long as it isn't running on more than 3, you are good to go....

    If you tell them it is on 3 computers, you won't get it done...and then you go through their technical support people, and after 2 hours of speaking with them, they finally get it and you get your code.

    I had 3 hard drives die in the last few years...and replacing the drives/installing Windows 7 brought up this issue each and every time I tried to register it.
  5. @ weaselman - Your thinking of an OEM lic.

    You should have no problem talking to a real person. Your key is good for three machines and that is the only stipulation in the lic is that it can not be installed on more than 3 working computers.

    Also had this happen when I re-installed on wifes system. called, and the Only question they asked was "if it was installed on more than 3 computers". When I stated NO they gave me a key to use.
  6. understanding, the key is tied to the northbridge chip set. microsoft is very under standing, just call their help line and explain....all will be good.
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  8. Thanks to everyone who answered. I was able to use the automated system to activate the Windows installation.
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