Intel P4 3.20E... 2.1Ghz core????

OK i'm a newb, and this one got me stumped. I 7just 5got `a Intel P4 3.20E processor for my Soyo P4VTE mobo.. but when bios starts and when usin5g CPU-Z i get a 2.1Ghz core speed. I assume there's something else i should look at like with Athlon's XP processor... but what?

Here's what i get from CPU-Z:

Name: Intel Pentium 4
Code Name: Prescott
Spec: Intel(R) Pentium(R)4 CPU 3.20GHz
Core Speed: 2133.3 MHz
Multiplier: x16.0
FSB: 133.3 MHz
Bus Speed: 533.4 MHz

`any of these numbers look weird? c`an someone guide me how to do the math to get this to equal 3.20 GHz??


How do i see that this (my) mobo only supports 133 MHZ fsb??? i feel ripped off now..

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  1. Easy.é. your board is limited at 133 FSB, so 16x133=2128(your current cpu speed, as 133 is rounded value). To fully use your CPU, you need a new board that support 200FSB, so that 16x200=3200, what you want.

    So there is no more math to do than getting a newer board...

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  2. You better hurry, as well. That board does not have the power capabilities for that chip. It will suck it dry, then spit it out, in double time.
  3. thanks guys

    How do i see that this (my) mobo only supports 133 MHZ fsb??? i feel ripped off now..
  4. Sorry. Pat and I were wrong. That board is prescott ready. Just set the fsb to 200/800 in bios, and you will be fine.
  5. ok lets make me go from dumb to dumber.. how do i do that? I didnt see an obvious bios setting for this.. ram timing? overclocking?

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  6. Do you have DDR 400 chips? Or are they 333 or 266?

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  7. I'm pretty dang sure they are pc3200s, i'll look back at my PO from the memory guys... looks ...
    yep 2x 512MB DDR RAM 400MHZ PC3200 184 PIN CL3.
  8. MWRAGH!

    I AM an idiot! Hey you know what they say.. when all else fails read the manual... 2 jumper settings for 200mhz FSB wheeeeeee.

    thanks y`all for helping
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  10. I did not think that Soyo was still in the motherboard business when Prescott were released.. I almost check, but.. well, I believe the guys specs..

    Is Soyo still making any motherboard, BTW?

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  11. Yes, and no. The Soyo name is still on mobos, but they are now higher end ECS product. (I think)
  12. Hello, I Have a Soyo Sy-P4VTE also.

    On the MotherBoard They are two Jumpers to the right side of the ATX Power plug.

    Move the left jumper JP2 from pins 1&2 to 2&3.
    Then move JP3 From 2&3 to 1&2.

    In English Just change the Pin.

    Look in your Quick Start Guide.
    Page 4 : Motherboard Layout
    Page 12 : CPU Clock Settings JP2, JP3

    Good Luck,
    Sittinphat @
  13. Dude, the last post on this thread was almost 4 years ago LOL.
  14. Holy thread necro batman!
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