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I ordered a prebuilt (payed extra) Duron + mobo + case package from Desert Systems. I payed extra for it to be preassembled. But when it arrived, I noticed the heatsink/fan hadn't been put on... and from reading Tom's hardware, I knew that AMD processors NEED a fan/heatsink. So, my question is... if you order a barebones system, and pay extra for it to be preassembled, should they also put on the heatsink/fan?
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  1. maybe they thought that you'd want to put on your own b/c you might have a preference...
    What does the add say?
    But yes, don't even think about firing it up without a hsf :)
  2. Too late, I turned it on!

    No, I attached the heatsink/fan... BUT I did pay extra because I haven't totally assembled a computer before, and didn't want to wreck a $70 part with some stupid mistake.

    The Ad simply described the system, and on a pulldown menu there was an option 'Preassemble? - $15'. Now $15 isn't a lot... but that's not the point. The point is I was spending $15 so I could avoid the chance of wrecking a $70 part.

    It doesn't matter much now... It's up and running... but I was just curious if that was standard practice.
  3. hmmm, i guess if they didn't say they'd give you one, then they won't...bastards.... ah well, hope you like yer new sys :)
  4. Thanks. I just need some more RAM, and an upgraded graphics card... whee.
  5. As working for a smallish outfit myself (in Melbourne Australia) i can tell you that it would certainly NOT be standard practice. If I left a HSF off a computer, espically a athlon/duron i would get a severe talking to from my boss. Even leaving it for the user to install is a no no.

    I would ask for my $15 back on principle.

    Ian McGinley
  6. Whenever I build a system for someone, I leave the heatsink and fan off usually _or_ I put it on with them present. A lot of companies follow this policy so teh consumer can identify the proper purchase. With the heatsink on, they might take a 600mhz duron and sell it to you as an 800 ( over clocked ). This is a means in which you can visably verify your purchase ( or in my case it would be ).

    Too many fly by nite companies raped a lot of good consumers over the years. If you see an add on pricewatch, dont believe it untill you call and verify it. Also advise the company your purchasing the product from that you have consumer protection on your credit card ( IE: If they dont ship you _exactly_ what you ordered, they will never see payment ).

    It could possibly be that they honestly forgot your heatsink, or it could be a jesture in good faith on their part.

    Djaye - MCP+I
  7. You are running a AMD Duron without a cooling fan? HAHA...If i were you i would invest the 15 bux and buy yourself a good fan or you're going to end up with a huge paper weight. I recommend the ORB Cooling fans, especially if you plan to run your system 24/7. GET A COOLING FAN!!!
  8. Ahem... if you would read my second post, you would see that I said 'I attached the heat sink/fan...'.
  9. Hey,

    Here's a suggestion. Send the company an e-mail, ask them to clarify if they were supposed to put a fan on or not, and if you have to seperatley buy a fan ask them to note that on their website. For people like you that can make a difference in who you buy your preassembled computer from. Good luck in your endevors.

    Timothy Stankus
    One of the First AMD Athlon Users =)
  10. Asking them to clarify? Well, i think they will throw bunch of excuses <i>even</i> if they did forgot to put the heatsink on... they might change later on for their later preassembled PCs though.
  11. Speaking from my experience with smaller online DYI shops, all the assembly charge accomplishes it to put all the parts that you order together. My guess is that you ordered an oem CPU with no HSF (possibly without realizing it), so they couldn't include it in the system because you didn't order it. If you had order a pre-configured barebones system, they surely would have included an HSF.
  12. The only computer I ever bought pre assembled was my first and Gateway doesn't fool around. As far as buying from local shops I'd have to say it all depends on what they told you on the phone or on the order form when ording. If nothing is mentioned, which I'm guessing is the case, then the assumption is all ordered parts would be installed upon receit.

    At the very least, if it wasn't installed, a letter or document should be included stateing why and proper instructions. Seeing how they just left you high and dry, I would probably pop them a phone call or nasty gram and ask for your $15 back. Seeing how you didn't get what you paid for.

  13. So you guys know, the thing I ordered was a processor, mobo, and case. Basically a barebones type system, and I payed an extra $15 to have them screw the mobo into the case, and put the processor into the mobo. And it did come with a heatsink/fan, but it wasn't attached.

    Just clarifying a bit.
  14. Well it's a good thing you decided to put on the heatsink and fan because if you would have fired up the cpu without one then it only takes under 10 seconds for you to fry the chip.
  15. Yes, I know.

    I actually research products I buy. (this isn't a cut at you... just people who buy things, THEN worry about what it is/how it works/etc... and frequently after they do something bad)
  16. Hey now.
    Some of us actually like to buy something and then try to figure out how to make it work, it's all part of the fun. (especially if you're going to buy used parts from a bin.)
    I've had to build heatsinks on occassion simply cause I'd bought a chip, then couldn't find a sink for it anywhere.
    However, for a company to leave off the HSF is just dangerous. They should've included a printed warning about that in the packaging.

  17. That's not quite what I mean...

    There is a differance between 'let me figure out how it works!', and 'they didn't tell me I needed a heatsink/fan, so I just destroyed a $100 processor in a few seconds'.

    Mine was only like $60 or $70, but still... ;-)
  18. Have you ever e-mail them for an answer?
    I guess an "ANSWER" from the vendor is what you want. People in this forum certainly can help you to solve trouble, but no one can tell the "ANSWER" you really want.
    Please send them an e-mail, they may not be bad people as you are afraid of.
    Good luck.
  19. You DID use thermal heat paste when you installed the fan, eh? You did not mention this in your post. If not get someone experienced to remove the fan and put in the paste.
    I've heard that Tbirds and Durons are very fragile and that once the fan is on it should be left on. I don't know if this applies if the thermal paste hasn't been used though. Anyone else know for sure if the paste is absolutely necessary and how dangerous it is to remove the fan and put it back?
  20. *sigh*

    Apprently you all think I'm a complete 'newb'. I don't know why you all got that impression.

    My technical skills are nowhere near perfect, but neither am I anything like a total newbie (no HSF?! no thermal paste?! come on guys...).

    Yes I used thermal paste, and I'm not 'scared' of the company, nor do I think they are bad people. I was just CURIOUS if it was common practice to not attach a HSF to processor, when a customer pays extra for it to be assembled.
  21. heh, I have understood what you were saying the whole time. I had a system that I had ordered (my first that I actually bought, I had worked on many before). I received it and it wouldn't run long and I heard something rattling around inside. I went to open it, but I noticed a warranty sticker. I called them up, told them. They told me open it and put the fan back on (both of us assumed that was the problem). I made damned sure that they had record of them telling me to take the case off. They said that having the case opened was their compensation for having me to wait for them to be open (it arrived over X-mas) and have it not work. hehe, I had a warranty, but I could have the case open too. {:-)
  22. They should have included the fan-heatsink. I run a computer company we always include a fan when a customer buys even a bare-bones system. Not including one would just be asking for trouble.

    Free us from these chains, let us slip these bonds and touch the sky with our imagination.
  23. Well they DID include a fan/heatsink, but it was NOT attached.

    A cheap one was thrown in with the manuals and cables.
  24. I got what you were saying in your first post. And like I said before, unless stated otherwise, the heatsink should have been attached. If I payed an extra $15 I would expect everything I ordered in the barebones system to be assembled.

    The processor should be installed on the board with the board bolted into the case. The heatsink with adjoining thermal paste should be applied to the processor and I would go as far as to say that the ide and power cable should also be attached. There's no implying on my part that you don't know what you're doing and I never even thought that from your posts. I do think you didn't get what you paid for though, and I would contact them to address that.

    I think everyone just wanted to be helpful on the subject and hence all the suggestions for the use of a heatsink. We all realize the frailty of the new AMD processors so I think we automatically asume the worst! =(

    Let us know what the manufacturer says if and when they get back to. If you decide to contact them that is.
  25. Thanks, I do appreciate the help... it's just most of it wasn't really the help I wanted
  26. Just thought I'd contribute my prebuilt ordered over the phone system nightmare. I waited at least a month and when I finally got the system and connected all the cables and plugged it in, it didn't work. I was concerned and upset. This was my first real computer. The one I was replacing was a 386 that my Aunt and Uncle gave me. I was expecting to turn it on and play into the night. Instead I went to bed tossing and turning, just wainting for customer service to open the next morning. Finally, because I could not get to sleep, I opened the case. I was very carefull not to disturb it in a way which may void the 3 year extended warranty. With it opened, I noticed that the power supply was disconnected from the mother board. After connecting it and closing the case, I booted it. The first thing I noticed is that it only registered 32 MB of ram when I had explicitly ordered it with 64 MB. I checked the enclosed paper work and verifyed that it was supposed to have an extra 32 MB over what it was registering. After configuring Win98 for the first use, I rebooted. It booted 1 in 5 times. I finally shut it down and reopened the case. I examined the dimm slots and noticed that the dimm in the first slot was not completly seated in the slot. To make a long story short, the system ran fine as soon as the dimm was seated properly. I made the resolution to never by a prebuilt system again. I especially decided against any extended warranty since I have upgraded everything with the exception of the case, front fan and modem. Good luck with your new system. I love my classic Athlon. I mean, I went to struggling for 30 FPS in UT to an average of 45 FPS.
    I'll definately get another Athlon when the funding allows.

  27. Your CPU should had the heatsink and fan attached to it. But no all companies are created equal. Meaning that, one they are letting you confirm you got the right CPU. Two, give you the chance to put another heatsink and fan. I don't think is a big issue.

    If you are ordering a barebones, it means you know a little of computers. Like how to connect the video card, sound card, hard drive, floppy drive, etc. They did send you a heatsink and fan and you will noticed it and installed it.

    So, I will not put to much weight on this. It could have being worse if it came with a 600 mhz Duron overclock to 800 mhz Duron and you can not confirm by looking at it to be a 800 mhz genuine chip. Then a few months later the chip fries because the cheap heatsink and fan could not keep it running cool.
  28. If you can't put a computer together you're
    a newbie....

    And anyway how do you expect to get to that "NEXT LEVEL"
    without ruining a few compnents...LOL
    sorry, my opinion
  29. It can be a policy of the reseller when shipping not to place the fan / heatsink.
    This to avoid transport damage.
    I have seen it once or twice that a system was returned because during transport the socket clips where the heatsink is secured on broke off because some transport company's do not know how to be gentle with boxes.
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