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Ok, so it appears my battery is worn out, and that it is unable to hold a charge properly anymore. So, I bought a new battery. That one didn't work, it fit physically, appeared to hold a full charge, and then once it discharged it was unable to charge back up again. I got a couple replacements too, neither of these worked. These batteries were off eBay, from someone with pretty high feedback. Anyways, I was wondering why these batteries aren't working, and since they aren't, what you recommend I do to fix this problem.

I also wanna know, since supposedly my laptop's cells are only 600mAh, why manufacturers don't use cells like these:

Feel free to ask me for any information you'd need to help me. Thanks.
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  1. That's the danger with buying PC parts off of ebay. Chances are that the batteries are shot. I'd file a PayPal complaint to get your money back and send the batteries back to the seller. If you need a new battery, buy a brand new one from a reputable source.
  2. Yeah, I already sent it back. Thanks for your quick response. I'd like to know then, what would be a "reputbale source" for purchasing a battery for my laptop? Preferably as inexpensive as possible.

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