What would cause me to see my Admin's files?

I share a Windows 7 home premium computer with my mother. She is the administrator, but for some reason, I can see all of her documents. I a simply a standard user. I was admin a while back, so could that have anything to do with it? I haven't messed with sharing options at all. Anyways, I need an answer pronto, because I have to prove it wasn't my fault. If I can't do that, then my mother will force me to give her my Christmas money to pay for someone to fix it.
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  1. Try changing the sharing options of her documents so only she can see them. Maybe she has put her documents in a place where they are visible to all users?

    Make a third user account and still see if you can access the documents from that.
  2. What is the location of the files you are viewing that you should not be able to see?

    If they are in her C:\Users\*Admin* folder then you shouldn't be able to view inside that folder. Or at least write permissions won't allow you to modify her data
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