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Windows 7 shuts off/sleeps itself (not normal)

I tried google'ing for this but I'm not sure how to word it

This is what happens: I could be doing whatever on my computer, then once in a while, randomly shuts itself off; but not completely. My monitor goes into DVI power saving mode (like when the computer sleeps), keyboard / mouse shut off, my external soundcard is un-synced, but the fans are all running. It restarted itself the first time after about 10 minutes, but every time after that I was too impatient to wait.

Everything in the power savings menu is off for sleep/shutdown/whatever


Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P motherboard
AMD phenom 955 BE
(4) 2 gig G Skill ddr3 1333mhz ram
corsair 850 modular
4870 crossfired

Thanks in advance
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  1. Since you got a pretty good PSU, I don't believe that his the culprit in this case.
    Even though it sounds like PSU issue.

    - Try to work with minimal hardware components - remove 3 dimms of RAM.
    - Split the crossfire to one video card.
    - Plug out the CD device.
    - Plug out any USB device from your PC.

    Just leave your PC with minimum needed hardware, to check if this problem shows up again.

    Please update us if the suggestions above, caused this problem to disappear.
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    Even good brand PSU fail sometimes. Try what the above post says. Also make sure all connectors inside are seated properly. If all fails, try another psu.
  3. This problem occurs so un-often that I can't afford to disable everything.. Seems I'll just have to put up with it. It's happened only about 3 times since I installed Windows 7 about 2 months ago.. I'm sure it's not a hardware issue because:

    If this helps it happened about 4 times in a day after I used the upgrade feature when I went from Vista to Windows 7, so I decided to format and do a clean install of Windows 7, which I knew I should of done in the first place, but it sounded like the disc I received in the mail was
    upgrade only
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