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Thermal tape for Thunderbird 900

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November 11, 2000 3:17:24 PM

Does anyone know where to get thermal tape for the heat sink for the amd t-bird 900. I had put the original fan on(from the retail box), then switched to a Global win fop38. Holy Cow!!! that was loud! So off it came. The tape appears good for one time use only. I found some through It has a copper color as opposed to the bubble gum color of the other tape of both heatsinks.
The problem is my chip is now running at 140F with original fan and new thermal tape. Before I got 125F with original fan and tape. 115F with Global Win fan. Thats a gain of 15-25 degrees Farenheit. Can I get the same tape that came with both fans? Should I use grease which Amd doesn't recommend? What else is out there that works good for Amd? HELP
November 11, 2000 6:00:23 PM

I'm not a particular fan of the heatsink's thermal tape. I have used several different Heatsinks on my AMD T-bird 700 and found that Arctic Silver Thermal Compound seems to work quite well. Currently I use a GlobalWin FOP38 with the compound and I have a CPU temp of 120F/50C, but that is running the CPU @ 100% 24/7. The compound is rather pricy @14 USD and is easily order from
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November 11, 2000 9:47:22 PM

Thanks, I may have to go with the silver paste. I know the 900 is going run hotter than the 700. But with the fop38 I was at 115F with the case cover off. Dont know about you but I thought the fop38 was LOUD after a couple hours.
November 13, 2000 8:29:45 PM

Yes the FOP38 is VERY loud, If i had to buy another Heatsink/Fan for a 1+ GHz system i would buy the Agilent(aka Hewlett-Packard)ArctiCooler part number HACA-0001. However there are several knockoffs floating around, namely from ThermalTake, which don't preform anywhere close to the Agilent version. If you want to be sure to buy a nonknockoff version got to

This site lists Authorized Agilent ArctiCooler Distributors.
THe cost is about 30 USD, which is about the same cost as the FOP38 and is MUCH MUCH quieter and just as efficent.