Kudos to Tom's on AMD awareness

This is a big congrats to Tom's for the excellent article "AMD vs. Intel Processors - Facts and Lies". As a salesman, I have often directed people uneducated on the facts to this article. My only beef is that it's buried within another article "AMD Extends Performance Lead...".

It would be really nice to see this as an article of it's own, so that more people might run across it and read it. It's really sad sometimes to see consumers attempting to purchase the right product for them when much of what they've heard about the differences between AMD and Intel chips is horribly flawed. It's a big problem for the industry over-all when the layman usually won't buy AMD initially because he heard something completely false about CPUs.

Thanks Tom, for helping with consumer awareness, in an area that is far too often overrun with rumor, mis-truths, and sometimes outright lies!
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  1. I agree with you, but I'm one of those who came accross the article and read it.

    Kurt Hectic
    The Topic Poster
  2. Hey,

    I'd like to join in your thanks. Dr. Pabst has been the formost expert on getting the issues, and information out to people. When he covered the 1.13ghz article Intel shunned him and tried to smear his image. Through it all Dr. Pabst has stuck to his guns and prevailed. I salute you.

    Timothy Stankus
    One of the First AMD Athlon Users =)
  3. Tom received a lot of criticism when he wrote the article about 1.13 GHz Pentium. Even so, he continues to support what he believes and eventually everybody is convinced with the fact that Intel is in real problems. Good job.

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
    However dreams are approacable :wink:
  4. Tom is and always will be the best web based hardware reviewer out there. I recently for the first time bought myself an AMD CPU (tbird 800) And to be honest im extreemly happy with it. Linux and Windows performance ROCK! And the price was right.

    But consumers do have a right to have a hard feeling on buying a AMD CPU. Since the others they have made in the past (after the 486's) have not met expectations.

    Anyway kudos to Tom as well and to AMD for finally getting it right.
  5. I guess people who joins this discussion boards like Tom's Hardware Guide eh? No one is opposing us here...

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
    However dreams are approacable :wink:
  6. Yeah, if it's not pro-AMD, they certainly point out the stupid moves Intel makes right now.

    In fact, I don't think it would be an understatement to say Tomshardware is among the higest influences in the PC market today!

    sy[161]e :tongue:
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  7. First day launched stats:
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    Way to go discussion board.

    PS. I could do this everyday if you can pay me for this. :smile:

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
    However dreams are approacable :wink:
  8. i have had several k6 cpu's.
    i researched before i bought and knew exactly what i was getting in a k6-3. much more power in regular windows,office. with enough power to run games at about the celeron level for a lot less money than any comparable pentium cpu's at the time. a lot less. all my k6's ran well without crashing. next ddr and ...palamino?
    re-kudos to tom tom warned us of the rambus threat,and he was and is right about that too.
  9. After i read about Tom's PIII 1.13Gig Cpu review, I said wow!! He earned my full respect as he is the ONLY ONE( I think I am right here) who dare to tell the truth despite the "Superpower" is so influencial. Furthermore he stand firm on his findings after so many criticsm.

    Well Dr Pabst, your the man!! Keep it up as the consumer need your guide.
  10. Hey Dr. Tom rocks big time... not only the excellent advice but also the opportunity for us to exchange ideas and learn something useful here.

    It's also becoming obvious that the members here are helpful in educating the press and shaping opinion with this information which helps everyone. Pretty cool.

    later Jim

    :cool: <font color=blue>Micron DDR Cult Member</font color=blue>
  11. Kudos to you Tom.

    This is still the first and only hardwareinformation website i trust.
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