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Is it just me or are AMD shares cheap? AMD are on a P/E of only 8! (Intel = 24). That's unprecedented in Tech stocks - if they ploughed that back into dividends, it would be a yield of 12% even before any stock growth. With such a tiny market share, and the fact that the man in the street doesn't yet (try it!) but will soon (I hope) know that the 4 notes logo company has a worthwhile competitor, I'm hoping they'll grow massively. If they grew to say 25% of all CPU's sold, that would be huge for them. And why is the election chaos so bad for hi-tech? Election chaos means dollar = low. Low dollar = companys doing a lot of exporting (like internet stocks) can sell for less. Surely that balances out more for hi-tech than anybody else?
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  1. Good idea, I owned AMD a while back (did well I might add) but like the whole market it got out of hand so i got out. To be honest i sort of tuned out recently but now that you mention it they are back to where they should be. I have to look into what has caused the drop back down to low 20's but I suspect its just no one is interested in the tech's in general but i'm sure we can expect strong growth to continue for them. Remember the best time to buy a stock is when no one is talking about it. Beat them to it
  2. Oops i found out one reason why they dropped seems that the concensus was for $1.14 for Q2 but thier whisper number was $1.66 and they ended up reporting $1.21 believe me the whisper number is the one that counts for investors. So they didn't meet expectations and combined with a shaky tech sector they (pardon my language) got it up the ass on this one. This is not to say they don't look promising still but they really had quite a ride now they got to show everyone that it wasn't a fluke ( I don't think it was). I think I'll buy on the next dip.
  3. Like EF Hutton when Intel talks people listen. Intel says the computer market is slowing down so that is what everyone believes. They blame it on Europe. It may be slowing down for Intel and their buddy Dell, but not for AMD. I would say most analysts are not willing to go out on a limb for AMD when you consider that AMD is competing against a financial monster. Look at the Nasdaq. Around 3000 and Intel certainly is part of it. AMD will have to really prove itself with great numbers in order to draw people away from Intel. Intel is a bloated beaurocratic cow. Considering they have 10 times the resources of AMD they should be kicking AMD's rear. The next year should be really interesting with the P4 and the sledgehammer.
  4. Wow! For a dimmwit you are pretty intelligent :)

    It worked yesterday! :lol:
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