Which IBM Lenovo Laptop is better

I want to get a new laptop and I was told that IBM is one of the best and professional laptops in the world
after suffering so much from my hp pavilion 1275mx that has so much low performance that i bought it in a hurry without investigating its performance

so now I have some options from IBM.

I want to know if you people have had any experiences with ibm and specifically with these models

corei 5
Z560 - 243

Y560 - 258
Y560 - 036


Z560 - 029
Y560 - 034

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  1. Lenovo is a reliable brand, no doubt. The question is though, how do you plan to use the laptop, i.e. gaming, office, etc...? If you are gaming or using any hardware intensive programs, I'd shoot for the core i5. If you plan to use it for office and internet based apps, shoot for the core i3 model.
  2. I doubt in those models that has diffrent grapgic cards
    I do want corei5
    I use Adobe Flash DrewamWeaver Fireworks AfterEffects Photoshop
    I am a programmer
    AfterEffects needs a good graphic card and rendering
    i do not play game so often but i do like If I got a game even every year,i could have a good gaming experience with it

    in this model
    Y560 - 036 ATI® + Intel®
    it has stated ATI+ INTEL
    I am confused
    intel is not good when it is comming with graphics
    as they are both used in its graphic
    is it still reasonable to be good or not

    Thanks in advance
  3. That's a great laptop.
    Core i5 is a good mid-range CPU and can handle those tasks fine.
    And HD 5730 is a good mid-range card so it performs fine in games.
  4. why those 5730 are comming with intelhd
    why it can not itself have hd
    wont it have any confilict

  5. 5730 doesn't come with Intel HD Graphics, Intel HD is an integrated graphic built in the CPU and you can disable it anytime you want.
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