FS: F-14 Tomcat, 1987 Williams: $600

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Overall the machine is in very good shape. Playfield has only light
wear, plastics are good, lights all working, rubbers good.

I've had it about a year. Originally, I rebuilt the flippers, replaced
some parts in them including new coils. They work great now. I bought
a new glass for it. The game plays well. But...

All along the display has given me some trouble. It has had some
flicker to it and it would sometimes not light, but it would come back.
However, the display was never dim.

I've lost interest in pinball recently, so I hadn't played it for
months. So, recently, when I've gone to play it, the display hasn't
lit. I think it's a bad connection somewhere. I'm not an expert, but
given that it used to go out and come back and it wasn't dim, I think
the display board is OK.

This game lists for $950 in the 2004 Mr. Pinball price guide. Since
I've lost interest in pinball, and the display is not working at the
moment, I've dropped the price quite a bit.

I'd like to sell this to someone who will take care of it. Arrange for
a visit to play it and we can talk about it.

See detailed pictures here: http://i.ugtz.com/gallery/tomcat

Cash only.
Local pickup only.
I live 2.5 hours from Boston, near Lebanon, Claremont, Hanover
(Dartmouth), NH and White River Vermont.

Email if you have any questions.
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.pinball (More info?)

    id buy that in a heartbeat had i not be 2k miles away:)..wow that is
    cheap nice and in great conditon..but im in Scottsdale AZ
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