Need help with a 1.1ghz thund. sys.

I am building a 1.1ghz Thunderbird system using an Asus A7V mobo, ibm 45gb ata100 hdd, Geforce2 agp vid, and 1x 256mb pc133 ram. I have repeatedly tried to install winME(win98 at first) but have suffered numerous system crashes after install. I have tried reformatting the hard drive but to no avail. Sometimes the blue screen of death gives me a vcache error message. programs would never install correctly. ive tried connecting my hdd to the ata66 but still had problems installing win. Now for some odd reason the computer wont even turn on. the screen doesnt even power up and the sys makes a repeated beeping noise at 1 sec intervals. If someone could tell me what is wrong or not working that would be great.
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  1. hmmm. have you been keeping an eye on the processor core temp?
    a heatsink slightly out of place can lead to eventual frying of the processor, specially on the "cooktop" 1000mhz+ athalons

  2. I watched the temp closely. it was in the upper 120s lower 130s. Ive never used an athlon so i dont really know the normal running temp but i do know it is higher than p3s. By the way my mobo is rev. 1.02.
  3. are we talking degrees F or C?
    F i hope

  4. F of course! Id hate to see what one would look like at 130c yowza! After the computer would no longer start i removed the heatsink (very carefully) to make sure the die wasnt cracked. (ive heard of problems relating this) I didnt find any but i did notice that the thermal compound had made its way over the edges of the die. Could this mean it was running too hot? It is the fan that came in the retail box so i would assume it should work without fail.
  5. and somewhere in your motherboard manual it should say what the number/frequency of beeps means.
    maybe remove the heatsink and look for signs of damage. (be very careful though)
    apart from that, i have no other answers

  6. If not overheating, it could be that you may need a more powerful powersupply. I've had problems with a geforce2 with a a7v and a 250 watt powersupply. The system would die for no reason. Try a 300w supply if you don't have one already.
  7. Hey,

    Well my old Slot A was using a single fan/heatsink combo, that kept it at about 110f, then I went to a bigger heatsink, dual fan combo, and it dropped about 20 degress. I'd try to get that heat down. Heats not good unless you need to heat your house in the winter.

    Timothy Stankus
    One of the First AMD Athlon Users =)
  8. well i have heard stories of shop mounted heatsninks moving slightly...not enough to serious upset the temp measurememnt, but enough to cause regular problems and maybe fry a side of the processor.

  9. I checked the processor for sign of damage but didnt find any. Could my problem be the mobo?
  10. With an Asus I doubt it's a stability problem with the board. There's always a possibility of a defective product, it's happened to me more than once. :(
  11. Thats what i was thinking. While were on the subject of defective mainboards did anyone here ever get caught up in that huge intel i820 chipset based mobo recall because of the mth(memory translater hub), cause i did with an asus p3c2000 and it was horrible trying to figure that one out. Plus i went through 3 defective ones first.

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  12. I would definetly consider other components as problems, not just heat. Especially the RAM. Try running with minimum components, and conservative bios settings. Keep swapping components till you find the problem.

    A very unscientific way I use to check my system for heat problems is by turning off the heat (in winter), opening the case, and placing a powerful, room-cooling fan to blow accross the CPU. I don't know if this is of general troubleshooting use, but last winter, my graphics card worked fine like this, although failing with the case shut and at room temperature.

    What the @#$$ are you doing putting the cheapest, weakest, crappiest OS on hardware like that anyway?
  13. Ive tried using a single ram chip, and ive tried changing the hdd and dvd rom connections. the thing is that i cant even get the bios to come up. The power turns on and theres nothing on the screen and beeping from the case, which leads me to believe its a processor or mobo problem because i got it to run for a while.
  14. Most of the sites I have visited talk about the T-bird/GeForce combos usually agree on one thing, use the biggest power supply you can get, with 300w being on the lower end of the scale. The T-bird and Geforce use alot of power. You might try a different vid card to see if it will boot up properly and make sure you have the bios set to initialize the card first (agp or pci, in case you have more than one vid card in the system)

    :cool: TW
  15. As someone said before, consult your mobo manual and look for the beep codes. If its not in the manual (And yes, sometimes they're too damn lazy to even put it in there), consult their webpages. Asus's page is at

    My guess is that you might have bad ram but its hard to figure out exactly what's wrong if you don't have spare parts to test it out with. My suggestion would be to pull some components from other computer you might have. Heck, you could even drop by your local computer shop, buy some parts to test em out and return em afterwards. (Note that some places do charge a restocking fee.)
  16. This may be redundant but after building 4 A7V platforms with similar componants on 98, 2000 & Linux often in dual-boot environments this I know:

    1) A7V really likes the most recent bios (1004c) and Promise ATA-100 driver (u160b25)... one supposes this all the more important with ME as ME has been "modified" a bit for "improved stability".
    2) Power supply is critical, and has already been mentioned. I use AMD approved 300+ Sparkles.
    3) Memory: gotta use top shelf, Crucial etc.

    And remember, Microsoft really hates writing in full support for non-intel products (Via chipsets etc.) although they have promised (again) that they will behave more like adults in the future. In the meantime this guy got his A7V/ME system running and spells it out here:

    Good Luck!
  17. Thanks for all of your suggestions but my fear is that ill have to replace the cpu. Since mine is retail this shouldnt be a problem. Note: anyone buying an AMD thunderbird (or intel for that matter) oughta spring for the extra dough and grab a retail because warrantys on oems can be a nightmare.
  18. Try jumping your bios it, might get you back into the bios.

  19. I'll side with most of the other people. Given that it won't boot, that eliminates all the periperals. My gut says says its the video. I would try and swap a cheap-o PCI VGA card in there and see if it boots. It might not be the card, it could be the slot...
  20. This DEFINATELY sounds like a RAM problem, and I have had plenty of them. Before I figured out what was going on, I would be running my system PERFECTLY fine, Q3 and all, then shut it down for the night. Then I would turn it on in the AM, and it would give me 1 long beep at 1sec intervals (which usually stands for a RAM error). It turns out that I didn't have the RAM seated PERFECTLY, and the vibraton from hitting the power button was enough to break a pin's connection. So, I took my case off, moved the RAM stick 1mm farther into the slot, and haven't had a problem since.

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  21. I have had the problem of the beeps before. When a mobo is continuously beeping like that is normally pointing to the ram. A couple of things should be checked with ram. First, if you have only one stick of ram it must be in the number one ram slot. If it is not you should get the beeping. The second thing is that the ram is completely seated in the slot. If you have more than one stick of ram, each of them can be checked alone in the board. If none of this solves your problem, then I think you might want to check the video card, although it does not sound like a video card problem. (better to check it first before trying to obtain a new cpu). The last thing that I know to check is the power supply. Check the voltage that the motherboard is receiving to make sure that there is no defect in the power supply. Then as a last resort, I would try for a new cpu. I hope that you can take something out of this. Good luck solving your problem!!

    Michael Cancienne
  22. I would change the dram module and see if that works. If not reflash the bios with the latest version. But it sounds like a memory problem.
  23. if you want a really good processor coolers that dosen't cost the earth get one of these
    it rocks.
    buy some silver thermal paste which increses the coolers performance 10%.
    first I thought the problem of the beebing would be ram but the continous beeping noise means (I have the A7V) that athe processor is not connected properly. take it out re apply the heatsink fan and install it (be careful) and it should work.

    The A7V has a little board for it circuits make sure it is in its slot
  24. When i had my first Athlon ( when they first came out ), I recieved a burnt chip. burnt chip??? ur probably askin what i mean by that. Well the L1 and L2 cache were fried on my chip, and i got freezing, VXD, and Vcache errors. A bad stick of ram can cause similar errors too. you might have the same problem.
  25. ME has several bugs in it, stick with 98 until XP
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