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Two years ago I bought a Dell Inspiron 1721 (Vista) and it has worked just great! Two weeks ago it suddenly began reporting that it did not recognize the ac adapter/charger (original OEM unit). I ran diagnostics and that is all it would tell me. Checking the BIOS also yeilded a message that the Computer could not "communicate" with the battery (which is WHY it no longer charges). I had the battery tested, as well as the OEM charger/adapter and they are fine. So....I "guessed" and had the DC power jack replaced by a pro. I still have the same problem. I really need the laptop to be "portable" again - It works great on the Adapter/Charger but no longer on the battery. How can I fix this without junking it or completely swapping the Motherboard?
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  1. Even though you had the battery tested and it came back alright, it's probably shot. If you use it a lot off of the adapter, it's eventually going to fade out. You can run a battery diagnostic on it to be sure.

    Try that one. It's free for a couple of uses, but it will tell you what you need to know.
  2. I did as you suggested, and the diagnostic claimed the battery was okay. Even so, I purchased a new one. Now, the computer can "communicate" with the battery.....but the computer still reports in the BIOS setup that the adapter (the original OEM) is "unknown" and not able to charge the battery. Think I should replace it as well? The laptop works fine off the adapter!
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    Yes, you might as well replace the adapter as well. It sounds like both the battery and adapter were on the way out, so it's a good idea to just go a head and complete things.
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  5. After replacing the battery (and the laptop could now "communicate" with it), I checked the BIOS and it found the battery too but it still did not recognize the adapter...even though it was the original OEM adapter. I did as you suggested and ordered a new one (Ebay - about $10) and when it arrived I plugged it in and within an hour the battery was charged and the laptop is back to normal! Thanks for your help! I wonder if anyone else has ever had this problem?
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