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I have a dual boot system with Xp and windows 7. When I turn on the computer, windows 7 boot menu comes up. It default boots to windows 7 if i don't choose anything or I can choose "earlier versions of windows" Is there any way to boot to XP by default and have the option to boot to W7 at the boot menu?
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  1. Yes, use a program like BCEdit to change the boot options.
  2. Click on start, in the search box type msconfig, a popup will show the file at the top, click on it, then choose the boot tab, highlight the line containing XP, click on select deafault, apply and close.
  3. The default button is greyed out when the xp line is highlighted
  4. Is BCEdit free?
  5. How do I use BCDEdit Command-Line Options to change the default OS to load?
  6. Sorry about that... I was thinking of the wrong program. Easy BCD will make changing the options much easier.
  7. Wow that program is awesome. Thank you.
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