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I live in India. I have a Sony 40" LCD connected to my rig(distance 5-8 feet seems good), but I need an LED monitor for various reasons:
Cant always use 40 incher and attract eye problems.
Heard overall gaming exp will be very good with present LED monitors than yesteryears LCD TVs
To be used with laptop for my work and browing
And mainly to reduce power bills as my TV is consuming 250 W per hour avg, instead I can get a 300$ monitor with 4 months power savings

Please suggest me an LED monitor for Gaming within 15000 INR(~ less than 300 USD). I liked Samsung PX2370 but is rarely available in India now and is 2 years old technology.I need a good LED relatively good compared to PX2370 but 2011/2012 model.

LED monitor usage with : PC, PS3 and XBOX360, Laptop

Thanks in advance :)

Main Rig (Only for Gaming and HD Movies)
Intel i7-920 @ Stock
Asus Deluxe V2 X58
3 * Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600MHz + 3 * OCG Gold 2GB DDR3 1600MHz
Corsair 850TX
MSI 560Ti OC 882 Mhz
Cooler Master 690
2 * Seagate 2TB/Seagate 1.5 TB and Seagate 1 TB (Looking for SSD 128GB once prices comes down further)
MS Sidewinder X6 KB and X8 Mouse

Sony 40" W Series LCD - been using it for 2 years and fantastic for its overall performance

Logitech Z-5500
Asus Xonar DX 7.1 :cry: (I find hardly 10% better audio than Onboard for 80$. I regret my decision in this area, please guide me if I am configuring this thing wrong)

Xbox 360 Wireless
XBOX 360 Wireless wheel for very casual racing
Keeping an eye on G27 wheel for PS3 and PC. It is 16,000 INR and wondering whether G29 releases with better features (Please adivise me here too)

Gaming Interests
Mainly FPS, Racing, Action
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  1. Come on ppl, not a single advice for 20 hours. I am new comer to TH, welcome me and help me find a right LED monitor :)
  2. realize that you posted on a weekend, which is the worst time to expect an answer immediately. if you post during the week normally you get an answer quicker.

    the new monitors are only LED backlit (instead of ccfl). they are both LCD panels. There is ZERO difference in image quality as opposed to screens from 5 years back except that cheap LED backlit models may give you a blue-white hue and may backlight bleed due to being arranged around a panels edge.

    that said, you already know you want led. now decide what panel type you want. in your price range you have tn, va and possibly e-ips.

    tn panels are cheap but can have significant color shift when viewed at off angles depending on the model you get. laptop screens are tn panels usually. this panel type offers the fastest response times and is the only model available in 120hz (for dual-dvi output video cards, not for your laptop).

    i dont know much about va.

    e-ips panels have the widest viewing angle (practically 180 deg) but have slower response times. however, with todays panels i doubt you will ever see ghosting that occurred many years ago.

    stay with a major brand like viewsonic, asus, dell, acer, etcetera. dont go with a knockoff brand.

    for ps3 you would need hdcp compatability. hdmi input (so no 120hz) would be easier to hook up also.

    personally i would go with a 60hz e-ips in your budget but you choose.

    xonar: often onboard cards can sound just as good as fancy slot versions. unless you really need the extra options from a fancy card, run a recording business, or are an audiophile who can pick up very very slight audio noise from a cheap card then most of the time it is not worth upgrading.

    if the xonar or logitech offers a mic so that it can autoconfigure speaker delay, that might improve your sound a little.


    i dont use racing wheels. i've always just used the controller on the ps3. you can hook up the ps3 controller to windows also. with (rather crappy) drivers (but they DO work)
  3. Thanks ssddx, for such a detailed clarification for each query asked.

    I will try to restrict to asus or dell. Do you recommend LG's E2381VR, it costs me 200$ (9600 INR approx) and seems to be overall performer presently in India.
  4. read online reviews on the particular model and judge for yourself.

    lg products can be okay but their customer service is crap.
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