I am getting a message: catalyst control center cannot be started, There are no

This happened when the upgrade was installed by HP support Assistant and when i restarted it was not fully downloaded or installed.
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  1. You will need to uninstall AMD Control Center from Uninstall Programs and download the latest version from their site. DO NOT let HP Support Assistant redownload its version of the file or you will get the same issue again.

    It's actually related to a problem with .net Framework and how Control Center is written.
  2. From where would i get that specific driver of my model?
  4. ok....i removed the drivers and then i installed them again. But still i am getting same error. Even when i start the windows it says no amd graphic drivers are installed. As it was giving before.

    i have one option left to restore. But i would lose newly installed softwares.

    Now what? I think my settings of CCC are not installed. Can i do them manually?
  5. What type of computer is this?
    Laptop / Desktop?
    Go ahead and give me the make/model too so I can see what type of graphics card is being used.

    You may also want to download the latest version .net Framework from Windows update and see if that helps.
  6. i m having hp pavilion m6 1019 laptop. Amd radeon 7670 graphic card. And i m having two microsoft .net framework 4 and one hp framework in my programs installed list.
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