RAID 10 spare drive? They have to match.

I'm putting together a Xeon server with RAID 10 and 4 hard drives. The drives are all the same and have to be (or that is my understanding), so what happens in, say, 2 years when one dies and I can't find the same replacement?

Should I buy a spare of the same drive now?

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  1. Hard drive prices are still pretty high right now. However, if you want the best accident protection and limit down time or administrative woes if, as you state, a few years down the line one of your drives fail, then yes I'd suggest you just order another spare of your hard drives now. The way I look at it is the expense is minimal in the grand scheme if a failure happens and you can't find a replacement in a timely (or cost efficient) manner. It's much better to have a spare drive available and not need it then need it and not be able to find it.
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