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Need to buy a lightweight laptop

Hi Guys,

I need to buy a new notebook for my dad. He would be using notebook for running charting applications, surfing, office and related tasks. Some of the charting programs do require decent processing power. Thats why I want a good processor as well.

Priority -

1. Lightweight (around 2 kg or lower)
2. Power (No C2D or lower, either i3 or i5)
3. Size 13" or 14" (will be attaching it to an external monitor)
4. Budget $1000 (approx) (little flex)

What should I do ? Though I would be running MS Windows but if I get a laptop without an OS, thats okay with me as I have a spare copy. Infact he doesnt care even if it does not have a dvd drive or so.

[I am getting a VIAO for $1150 (i3, 3GB, 5400 RPM Hdd). Was wondering hope on the speed front it is okay. i3, 3gb)

Will appreciate your inputs.

Thanks a lot,

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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    That Vaio looks a good choice,Core i3 is a decent CPU for light tasks(should handle programming fine)
  2. Thanks for your help buddy.

    As you said viao seems to be a good CPU for light tasks. Running charting applications and stuff should be okay right. I am just worried about that. We have our own program that works in .net 3.5. I hope the i3 wont make the lappy slow. I would be attaching an external monitor though.

    what do you say ?
  3. No,it should handle it just fine.
    A good alternative would be ASUS K42JC which has a faster CPU and 4GB RAM
    It has a great price too.
  4. Thanks Maziar. I am not really an Asus fan. To be honest I would pick between Dell & Sony. In terms of service, I have had a few bad experiences with dell off late so I am trying to skip on dell now.

    Should I got for Sony Viao. Click here to see
  5. Yes,go for it.
  6. Maziar said:
    Yes,go for it.

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate your inputs. If I attach a 22" monitor will it support. This one does not have a dedicated GPU card though.
  7. It has an Analogue RGB for display output along with HDMI.
    So yes you can connect it to a 22" monitor via RGB/HDMI connection.
  8. Cheers mate.
  9. Hi,

    I got a 20" monitor with a resolution of 1600x900 but the 13" laptop is unable to display in that resolution becoz its max resolution is lower than 20" monitor's resolution. Connected via VGA cable.

    What should I do ? Please advice.

  10. That's strange,can you test with another cable such as HDMI ?
  11. Problem solved.

    I got the upper version of the laptop. That version has a dedicated GPU & is a i5 machine. In that when I tried to set the settings to output only it worked. The monitor I bought has DVI & VGA and not HDMI.

    But the important thing is that it worked.

    Phew, that was close. Thanks a lot.
  12. Cool,glad to hear it :)
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