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Can someone help me get rid of some icons on my desktop? There are two icons next to the clock (bottom right corner) that I don't want to load up/start up when I start up my computer. When I right click it, there are no option for me to choose to prevent it from loading up. Also, I have a Plextor 40/12/40A burner and I installed their software Oak Technology thing. It put a SimpliCD ROM icon on my desktop which I cannot delete or drag to the trash can. Where should I go / what folder should I look into, to get rid of this or prevent programs from starting up automatically/put their icon next to the clock? I'm using Windows XP Professional and I like the classic look instead of the new eye-candy look (too childish). I know about the option of "hide when inactive option," but I want to get rid of the icon period or prevent some program from automatically starting up. With Win98se, I went to Start>Program>Accessories>System Tools>System Information> and there was this "Start Up Tab" that I can choose and could uncheck the stuff I don't want to start up when I reboot my computer. I can't find that option in WinXP. You help is greatly appreciated! Sorry if these questions sound too elementary.
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  1. run msconfig.exe to get rid of unwanted system tray icons

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