Strange Mouse!

Hello all,

I am a very experienced computer user having a really irregular mouse problem that I just can't seem to fix. First let me describe the problem:

Every now and again (with no real schedule or any sort of regularity) my mouse will randomly move across my monitors, sometimes short distances, sometimes long, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. It doesn't go to any particular place or in any particular order. On top of this, it also clicks (both left and right) at random times, and also scrolls up and down webpages if I'm using a browser, or other scrollbar-equipped program.

My current mouse is an optical, wired Razer Boomslang Collector's Edition mouse (recently bought). Now, before you begin to offer up theories on things to try, let me list what I have already done:

- Tried a different mouse. Issue persists with other mouse, and also WITHOUT a mouse plugged in at all.
- Ran several different anti virus scans, they found normal issues but nothing that has fixed my problem.
- Tried installing new drivers, rolling back to old drivers, and using the default drivers that come with Windows 7.
- The issue doesn't stop if I shut the computer down, or at least not with any sort of real effectiveness.
- I've run two different process analyzers to see what exactly is being run on my computer during these times, but it has come up with no irregularities.
- A while back my PC was having issues so I was on my Macbook, and this mouse issue also happened on the laptop.
- I have used different mousepads, no mousepad, cleaned the mouse, etc.
- I have tried being unplugged from the internet.
- I have tried an entirely different network/house.
- I have tried using different items in the USB slot, and they work fine. The mouse pointer problem remains the same no matter what slot the mouse is plugged in (or if a mouse is plugged in at all)

I have probably tried more than this, but feel free to offer up any ideas you might have. After scouring the internet for months, I have found nobody with a desktop like mine with a similar problem, or a solution. And yes - this has persisted for months. It's not always this frequent, but it does come and go. In fact, a month ago it disappeared for a few weeks and I thought the issue was gone, but now it has arisen again (even as I write this post it has double clicked and caused me to erase half my thread twice!). Here are my complete specs:

Intel Q6600 Quad Core processor
Gigabyte motherboard w/ onboard audio
GeForce 8800 GTS
2x 320gb SATA2 HDD
8gb DDR2 Ram
600w Hiper PS

And yes...this is a desktop, not a laptop. Please, if anyone has had any experience with an issue like this, speak up! I am desperate! Thanks!
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    Does Sir own a cat? I've known the smallest of almost invisible cat hairs to be draped across the lens of a mouse and cause such chaos.
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