cCO celeron need 1.7V !

all the while celeron uses 1.5V core voltage. surprise to find that the latest batch, cCO stepping with prod code: SL4xx,
need 1.7V as default !(including the 600mhz parts)
wonder why intel raise the voltage
will there be heat issue or bigger fan is needed?

rumor from, they're actually converted from the recalled 1.13ghz p3.(in this case, should it be easier to overclock?)

anybody can think of other possible reasons for the higher voltage.
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  1. I've read somewhere, that the 1.7V celerons are 900MHz coppermines with faulty half cache, so they can be overclocked to 100MHz FSB (900 MHz) and above, and in the mobo's that have limited (0,25 V+) core voltage settings you can go with the vcore to 1.95V, and with the proper heatsink 1000MHz is well in reach.

    About the heat, i think the is no difference between the cc0 and cb0 steppings, only the cc0 can work at higher temperatures.
  2. This thread is just begging to be resurrected
  3. smeghead1986 said:
    This thread is just begging to be resurrected

    I see...
    How useful of you to dig it up... :sarcastic:
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